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If you are an editor or a product promoter, you need to create an attractive and unique PDF. This will help your content become readable and keep people interested in learning about your product or idea.

Making PDF is not an easy task, it is not like Word which can be presented in plain text form or like PPT to search for templates to change. To do a good job of advanced PDFs, you need the assistance of a good PDF editor. With excellent functionality and a simple operation process, PDFgear stands out in a crowd of PDF editors.

Pros Cons
Completely free, with no subscription fees Batch processing can only be used on the offline side
Both online and offline solutions are available The online side has a file size limit
Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS
Full-featured and professional
Supports 20 file formats and 30 language options

PDFgear Editor is an all-in-one PDF processor that converts, crops, merges, extracts, scans, and edits. You can get a variety of solutions from PDFgear, although we can’t guarantee that it can provide you with all the help you need, at least your daily needs can be generally met.

And, compared to Adobe Acrobat or other rest PDF editors on Windows 10/11 on the market, PDFgear is completely free enough to attract a large part of the traffic. Here to share some of the more popular editing  features for you to make your PDF look more advanced and professional.

Edit Your PDF

If you want to create a unique PDF, you need to do some special editing on it.

Highlight a PDF

Adding highlights to your PDF is usually done to highlight a key point or a difficult point. This allows the viewer or viewer to notice the sentence or the word at a glance. Full black and white text is inevitably easy for the reader to feel tired, so the use of highlighting will highlight the important points that can allow him to locate and focus on.

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Add Highlight in PDF with PDFgear

Annotate Your PDF

To allow the reader to better understand one of the content or ideas, you can add notes by way of additional explanation. At the same time adding notes can also make the content of the PDF more prominent, which is the same as the role of adding highlighting. Of course, both work and study are indispensable for teamwork. Adding comments can make collaboration more convenient and efficient. Some timely feedback and comments can be presented promptly by way of notes.

Add Annotation or Comments in PDF with PDFgear

Insert Image

If you want to increase the readability and richness of the PDF, then you can add images to the PDF to achieve this. If your PDF is to introduce a product, then some product multi-faceted pictures can let everyone better see the appeal of the product, and if you use PDF for data sharing, then some visual graph images can be added to the PDF so that the audience can more clearly understand some data information details or trends.

Embed Images for your PDF via PDFgear

Add Header & Footer/Page Number

By adding headers and footers, you can make your PDF look more complete and beautiful. It also allows readers to quickly understand the main content of your PDF, the source, time, and author information to reduce unnecessary reading time and thus improve efficiency.

To facilitate the organization of information, especially when there is a need to print, if your PDF can have a page marker, then it will become very convenient. Adding page numbers in the PDF allows viewers and editors to locate faster, and helps generate directory navigation. This is especially useful for long PDF files to reduce the time of searching.

Add Headers and Footers or Page Numbers to Your PDFs Using PDFgear

Add Checkboxes to PDF Tables

If you have added a form in the PDF content or some optional, then for the sake of aesthetics, you can add some checkboxes in the front. This can also be convenient for everyone to choose from. Especially when you need to do research or create a questionnaire, this function is very useful.

Add Checkboxes in the PDF via PDFgear

Protect Your PDF

Although PDF is a very safe and secure document. But to give greater protection to some confidential documents or private documents, PDFgear provides you with three solutions to make PDF documents more secure so that you can have more peace of mind.

Set Password 

Lock your PDF so that no one can modify it unless you actively tell them the password. And, not only can you set a password to restrict tampering with the content of the document when it is opened, but you can also set and protect other features individually. For example, you can set printing permissions, editing permissions, copying permissions, and so on. All these can effectively protect your documents from being leaked or changed.

Add Password for Your PDF in PDFgear

Add Watermark/Stamp

If you want to make your document unique, you can add a unique watermark or stamp to it to effectively prevent your PDF file from being freely reproduced or stolen. For some corporate documents, adding a watermark or stamp to the PDF can allow readers to quickly understand the origin of the document, to better reflect the professionalism of the enterprise at the same time you can carry out a promotion for your business.

Add a Watermark or Stamp to PDF through PDFgear

Add Signature

Adding a signature is a great way to provide security for PDF documents. When you transmit and send PDFs, a signature ensures that the document is not illegally tampered with and that the signature proves the true identity of the signer, making it more convincing to the recipient. Especially if you are using a digital signature that supports 253-bit secure encryption, you can ensure the authenticity, integrity, and validity of the document in addition to the security of the document.

Add Signature in PDF Using PDFgear

Why You Can Trust PDFgear

Whenever you try to access and use a new software or tool, the first thing you will be concerned about is its security. After all, no one wants to use a third-party tool when their information or files are leaked. This will cause a lot of trouble. Because PDFgear eliminates the concerns of all users, deliberately do these two measures.

First, all users do not need to register and log in. Whether you are downloading the PDFgear desktop software or access to the PDFgear online editor, you will not be prompted to use the email or cell phone number to register and log in before you can use it. You just need to enter and complete the operation in an anonymous way or as a visitor.

Second, PDFgear respects the site’s privacy policy and actively establishes boundaries to restrict access to the site and retain content. Once you close the program or exit the site or even just refresh the site, PDFgear will immediately delete the files you uploaded.

So you don’t have to worry about any security and privacy issues when using PDFgear. Because it will do its best to provide you with 100% security.

To Sum Up

PDFgear is indeed a friendly PDF editor that you should try. First of all, it is completely free, secondly, it offers various solutions you may need, and it is compatible with all devices. Although PDFgear is still in a fast development stage and there may be some features that do not meet your expectations, their technical support department and developers are working hard to make updates and improvements.

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